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What Is This?

HAIL IGA Vault is a place for us to store resources on our server where we can easily update. Why? Because it's a vault 🤷‍

Okay there are other reasons as well, essentially, resources stored here can be easily updated by us without changing it's URL.‍

So it's pretty convenient for us because, say, we have our live chat widget that you see on our websites if we were to make some changes to it, we have to change them one by one on every single place where it exists. That's going take forever so not a good idea. To make life easier, we have a vault site where all the resources from all our networks, clients, and everything are stored and easily maintainable. So, we will just have to make changes in this central location, and everywhere else would just load the resources from here.

And nope, for those of you lurking around, we do not store sensitive data here, those belong to the databases. Everything here is globally accessible resources, usually, code snippets, media contents, or applications.

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